Profit from Uncorrelated Trading Methodologies

Brad KoniaUncategorized

When crossing the street, we mainly use our sense of sight, but we also use hearing and our sense of touch to detect vibrations. Each sense provides us with a different representation of the street and the traffic. They’re all true, yet they’re all different. By combining multiple uncorrelated senses, we gain a more complete picture of our environment. Likewise, at PrescienTrading, we believe our market cycle analytics provide unparalleled power at predicting future prices in financial markets. If we had to choose only one trading methodology to trade with, we’d certainly choose our own. However, we’re not limited to just one methodology, so while we rely on our own trading methodology as the foundation of all our trading decisions, we often cross-check against other uncorrelated trading methodologies discussed below. We also incorporate several of these methodologies into our PrescientSignals trading signals service. Each of these trading methodologies is extremely powerful and could be traded profitably in isolation, but each provides a different perspective on the market. By considering multiple perspectives, we gain a more complete understanding of what the market is communicating to us. The Prescient Line Before we discuss other trading methodologies, let’s review the history of cycles … Read More