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These charts are provided courtesy of PrescientSignals, a daily trading signals service powered by PrescienTrader, the world's most advanced financial market cycles analytic platform. Compared with conventional cycle analysis tools, our technology represents a quantum leap forward. It sees through the market noise, extracts the underlying cycles and projects them forward in time. This projection is called the Prescient Line and it's the most powerful price projection model we've ever seen.

We track hundreds of financial instruments, which you can search and filter using the settings below. For each instrument, we provide daily, weekly and monthly charts and we update all charts after the close of each trading day. Out of fairness to our paying subscribers, these free charts are delayed by one-week. However, since the Prescient Line projects prices for the next thirty bars, you can compare our forecasts from a week ago with the actual price movements over the past week.

Like ALL prediction models, the Prescient Line forecast is most accurate for the next bar and becomes less accurate with each subsequent bar. So while the 30-bar forecast is often amazingly prescient, you shouldn't expect the market to follow the projected path exactly, nor is that necessary to trade profitably. Instead, focus on the prediction for the next several bars and expect the forecast to change as PrescienTrader dynamically adapts to changing market conditions.

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